Residential Feature and Contour Surveys are what we specialise in at My Contour Survey. With WA being one of the fastest growing states in Australia, there are a lot of new homes being constructed and each one of these needs a Contour Survey to prepare a house design.

Picking up the right information during a survey is crucial and many decisions are based on this information.

The most common things to be picked up during a Residential Feature Survey  include some of the following.

  • Kerbs / Footpaths / Crossovers
  • Driveway / Fence / Retaining Walls
  • Buildings / Neighbours Buildings
  • Services – Water Meter / Power Dome Power Lines / Trees / Bore
  • Pavers / Slabs / Concrete / Veranda
  • Spot levels including in neighbours property


My Contour Survey have spent years fine-tuning our systems and survey plans to provide our clients with the highest quality Contour Survey plans available in Perth.

We want to save all our clients money while also providing a high quality product.

Let your Building Designer have the best information at their disposal when designing for your project. Let our experience guide you. Call Now!


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