Architects & Designers 


Perth Contour Surveys provide a boutique service to Architects and Designers who use our services based on the high quality Feature & Contour services we provide.

We have fine tuned our digital files to integrate into nearly all software design programs seamlessly.


Our templates have been set up with a strict layering system which designates each feature into particular brackets alphabetically.


We also realise that "overuse" of layering can frustrate and lead to extra work tidying up the drawing, this is why we have condensed the layering to only the most important features.

Our services extend into all areas including detailed elevation drawings which will minimise the amount of work required at the design phase. We use high accuracy measurement devices for internal As-Built Surveys and have a strict QA system to ensure buildings close in measurement.


We are also happy to provide 3D ASCII files for those who are investigating

how surface modeling of the existing terrain will fit in with design concepts. With the progression of 3D building design software capabilities in recent years we have more and more clients requesting this type of data.

PCS services are perfectly aligned with the needs of Architects and Designers. Our Perth surveyors assess the site carefully and survey existing features thoroughly and with precision. Using the latest Leica Total Station Technology and recording at accuracies of up to 1mm, you can rest assured that everything you will need will be present on the final plans allowing you to move forward with design without delays.


Our Contour and Feature Survey Perth service is efficient and accurate. Please view the below example so you can see what kind of detail you will recieve if deciding to use our services

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